About MK Caregivers


Missionary Kid Caregivers is a network for people who are involved in MK care at some level.  It is our desire that this group will provide a place to network information and to seek to support one another in our various ministries.  

Every year we gather at MK Caregivers Summit to encourage, network, and share resources.


History of MK Caregivers:

In 1993, Richard Edlin (SIM missionary & Assist. Dir. for MK Education with ACSI) gathered mission personnel with MK Education responsibilities. The first meeting was held at SIL offices in Dallas. At that meeting, there was a vote to redirect the focus of those gathering to broader issues of MK care and missionary family issues. The group separated into two consultations, one called MK Caregivers Consultation (MKCC) and one called Intermission MK Education Consultation (IMKEC) MKCC, focused on care and family issues, has been meeting since 1994 and IMKEC, focused on MK education, began in 1995. In 2016, the name MK Caregivers Consultation (MKCC) was changed to MK Caregivers Summit (MKCS).