Upcoming Events

2020 MK Caregivers Summit

April, 2020 | Location TBD

This gathering is for those who are involved in MK care at some level in their ministries or roles.  The goal of the event is to foster networking, encourage each other, share resources, process the latest research, and brainstorm strategies together.

The planning Committee is currently in the process of selecting the location, exact dates, and topics for this years MKCS Event. If you have a suggestion, please contact contactmkcs@gmail.com

Keynote Speakers:

Registration Form:
*Registration not open yet

2020 Planning Committee:
Bret Taylor – Interaction International – Director of Operations
Tammy Sharp – MuKappa – MuKappa Director
Sheryl O’Bryan – Interaction International – TCK Care and Education
Pete Ammerman – Ethnos360 – MK Care
Lynn Shingledecker-Wheeler – SIL – TCK Care & Education

Send questions to contactmkcs@gmail.com.