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2021 MK Caregivers Summit (MKCS)

This gathering is for those who are involved in MK care at some level in their ministries or roles.  The goal of the event is to foster networking, encourage each other, share resources, process the latest research, and brainstorm strategies together.

2021 Summit Information

2021 MK Caregivers Summit
Sept 13th (Dinner) through Sept 16th (Lunch)
Mt. Lebanon Camp and Conference Center
Cedar Hill, TX (Dallas Area)

Pre-Conference Event
Sept 12th (6pm) – Sept 13th (at noon)
Available for those who are new to MK Caregivers Summit or an MK Care role

COVID Policy – Updated 8/13/21
Note revisions to the policy may be required by local and state guidelines.

  1. Arrive fully vaccinated (any type) or have a negative COVID result (PRC, rapid test or an over the counter test) 48 hours prior to arrival.
  2. Daily temperature checks with quarantine of those showing elevated temperatures.
  3. Wearing a mask is optional.
  4. Social distancing will not be possible during main sessions.

Plenary Speaker Intro
Chris O’Shaughnessy

(Click picture above to watch a video of Chris introducing himself)

International Speaker and Globetrotting Adventurer
Chris is a passionate and versatile speaker, comedian, and author who uses a unique blend of story-telling, humor, and provocative insight to engage a wide array of people on topics associated with globalization and cross-cultural understanding. Chris is enlisted by organizations large and small ranging from international schools and educational institutions to government agencies and businesses across the globe. He has worked in, lived in, or traveled to more than 100 countries and brings first hand experience of an ever globalizing world to his audiences.

2021 Pricing

Double Occupancy: FULL
$375 Early Bird (Prior to Jun 1)
$425 Regular (Jun 2 – Aug 15)
$450 Late Registration (Aug 16 – Sept 5)

Single Occupancy: FULL
$450 Early Bird (Prior to Jun 1)
$500 Regular (Jun 2 – Aug 15)
$525 Late Registration (Aug 16 – Sept 5)

Commuter: FULL
$250 Early Bird (Prior to Jun 1)
$300 Regular (Jun 2 – Aug 15)
$325 Late Registration (Aug 16 – Sept 5)

Virtual Attendance (Live): CLOSED
$120 Early Bird (Prior to Jun 1)
$150 Regular (Jun 2 – Aug 15)
$175 Late Registration (Aug 16 – Sept 5)

Additional Options:
No meals/snacks: $75 Discount
Attend the Pre-Conference Event: $150 (includes room/board)
Extra Night Stay: (Sept 12 or Sept 16) $45 per night

Info Hub Access (available in October): $50
Access to recordings of most sessions, handouts, resources

Read more about scholarships available for MKCS

Cancelation Policy
Read more about the cancelation and refund policy for MKCS

Registration : CLOSED

Recordings of many sessions and access to this year’s Info Hub will be available for purchase in early October

2021 Planning Committee

Bret Taylor | Interaction International – Director of Operations
Tammy Sharp | MuKappa – MuKappa Director
Pete Ammerman | Ethnos360 – Director of MK Care
Lynn Shingledecker-Wheeler | SIL – TCK Care & Education
Tarrah Teigland | Mission Training International – Teen MK Care
Matt T | OC – Transition Coordinator & TCK Care

Planning Committee Bios

Send questions to contactmkcs@gmail.com.