MKCS Past Conferences

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Themes & Speakers/Facilitators:

2020 Virtual MKCS:  Grief and Loss, Axis One-Conversations-Model, Resource Updates, and Workshops. (Plenary Speakers: Gary Roe; Lauren Wells)
2020 Virtual MKCS Info Hub (Password Protected)
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2019 MK SYNERGY: MKCS & IMKEC Joint Conference  How Thinking Works, Broken Systems, Attachment Issues, Global Care and Education Highlights, Resource Updates, and Workshops. (Plenary Speakers: Tim Sanford; Lois Bushong)
2019 MK Synergy Info Hub (Password Protected)
*Could not attend this event?  You can buy access to the Info Hub for $50.  It contains the recordings of all sessions, handouts and resources. Purchase here

2018 MKCS: Whole family discipleship, working with families, current MK/TCK research,  grief & loss, resource sharing platform, self-care, focus groups, and workshops. (Brad Austin; Bliss Steele; Nan Erkert; Kristy Fujiura)
MKCS ’18 Shared Resources Folder

2017 MKCS: Millennials (Jonathan Catherman)
MKCS ’17 Shared Resources Folder

2016 MKCC/IMKEC: Changing face of MK Schools, Same Sex/Transgender Issues, Spiritual Formation (Dan Egeler; Don Lichi; Tim Shuman; Sheryl O’Bryan)
MKCS ’16 Shared Resources Folder

2015 MKCC: Barriers to the Gospel for MKs, Addictive behaviors, TCKs and Relationships. (Toby Lock, Brent Bounds, Sandy Smith)

2014 MKCC: Discipleship of the Missionary Family (Perry Bradford; Chad Phillips; Steve Pulis)

2013 MKCC: Coming Alongside the Missionary Family (Brent Bounds)

2012 MKCC: Today’s TCK (Libby Stephens)

2011 MKCC:  MK Care in a Changing World (Ruth E. Van Reken)

2010 MKCC: Building an Authentic Community of Care: Church, Agency, & Family (Rev. Tom Cheely; Bing Hare; Sherrie Johnson)

2009 MKCC: Shepherding the Missionary Family: Enhancing Spiritual & Emotional Vitality (Sandra Wright Smith)

2008 MKCC: Strengthening and Protecting the Flow of Family Care (Tim Sanford)

2007 MKCC: Inevitable Suffering: Preparing and Caring for the Missionary Family (Jerry Reddix)

2006 MKCC: The Changing Face of Missionary Care (Larrie Gardner)

2005 MKCC: Millenials (Tim Smith)

2004 MKCC: Debriefing (Sandy Wright Smith)

2003 MKCC: MK Caregiver, the Role of Catalyst (Larrie Gardner)

2002 MKCC: Caregiving for the Caregiver / MK Relationships (Dr. J. Powell; Dr. Neil Gilliland)

2001 MKCC: Gen X Missionaries and Impact of Media on MKs (Paul Dobson)

2000 MKCC: Serving Families in Frontier/Limited Access Areas (Dr. John Powell)

1999 MKCS: MK Reacculturation and Helping MKs cope with Death & Dying (Dr. Neil Gilliland)

1998 MKCC: Helping in Family Interventions (Dr. John Powell)

1997 MKCC: Parenting (Dr. John Powell)

1996 MKCC: Maintaining Resilience in the Missionary Family (N & D Pauls)

1995 MK Educators & Caregivers Consult: The MK in Pre-Field Orientation (Nick & Dora Pauls)

1994 MK Educators & Caregivers Consult: MK Care (Jim Lauer)

1993 MK Educator Consultation: Agency Policy on MK Education (Richard Edlin)